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jSession provides alternative storage engines. Configuration is done in app/var/config/defaultconfig.ini.php :

Session name

You may need to change the session's name (default is PHPSESSID).

To make such a change, you can use the following configuration directive :

name = "mysession"

NB : only alpha-numeric chars are allowed.

File storage

Storing session files in default path may not be a good idea, as that path is often worldwide readable/writable, like /tmp/ for example.

To make jSession store sessions in your own defined path :

  storage = "files"
  files_path = "app:var/sessions/"

NB : app: and lib: keywords are converted.

Database storage

You may need to store your sessions in data, for example when you are doing load-balancing with multiple front servers.

jSession uses jDao :

  storage = "dao"
  dao_selector = "jelix~jsession"
  dao_db_profile = ""

NB : a default dao is provided in the jelix module. The selector is jelix~jsession.

The corresponding DB creation request :

CREATE TABLE `sessions` (
  `id` varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  `creation` datetime NOT NULL,
  `access` datetime NOT NULL,
  `data` text NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)