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Section: swf

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This plugin insert a flash application with a traditionnal object element.

Example: {swf 'promobidon.swf', array('id'=>'promo1', 'width'=>150, 'height'=>90), array('quality'=>'high', 'wmode'=>'transparent'), array('length'=>150)} {image 'whirligig.png'} {/swf}


  <object id="promo1" width="150" height="90"
      <param value="hight" name="quality"/>
      <param value="transparent" name="wmode"/>
      <img src="./whirligig.png"/>


First parameter - URL

  {swf 'promobidon.swf', ..., ..., ...}

The first parameter is the relative path of the swf file to display. It is relative to “myapp/www/”.

Second parameter - Attributes

  {swf ..., array('id'=>'promo1', 'width'=>150, 'height'=>90), ..., ...}

The second parameter is a table that can have several different attributes:

  • id: the identifier for the <object …/> tag
  • class: the different classes associated to the <object …/> tag
  • width: the width of the displayed flash animation
  • height: the height of the displayed flash animation

Third parameter - Flash player parameters

  {swf ..., ..., array('quality'=>'high', 'wmode'=>'transparent'), ...}

Flash player parameters.


  • quality: sets the quality of the animation

Fourth parameter - FlashVars

  {swf ..., ..., ..., array('length'=>150)}

FlashVars are variables passed to Flash animation They are passed to SWF throughout GET.


  {image 'whirligig.png'}

The content between tags {swf ...} here you can put alternative html {/swf} will be added as alternative content in between <object .../> tags.