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A DAO factory can automatically generate events on methods call.

Native methods events

update, insert, delete and deleteby methods can generate events, either before or after execution, or both. To activate event dispatching, you have to declare which events your application want to catch in events attribute of main factory tag. event names are separated by a comma. complete event list includes: deletebefore, deleteafter, updatebefore, updateafter, insertbefore, insertafter, deletebybefore, deletebyafter.

Below is a detailed list of each event and its parameters. Every event has a dao corresponding to their dao selector.

  • daoDeleteBefore : key (key values of the to be deleted record)
  • daoDeleteAfter : key, result (1 if record is truely deleted)
  • daoDeleteByBefore : key, criterias (objet jDaoConditions)
  • daoDeleteByAfter : key, criterias, result (number of deleted records)
  • daoUpdateBefore : record (to be updated record object)
  • daoUpdateAfter : record
  • daoInsertBefore : record (to be inserted record object)
  • daoInsertAfter : record

Here an example:

Dao file

You have to add the property events to the element <factory> (event names should be lowercase).

  <factory events="deleteAfter, insertAfter"> ...


In the directory classes/ of the module, create a file my.listener.php which defines listeners:

class myListener extends jEventListener{
   function onDaoDeleteAfter ($event) {
        $dao = ;
        if ($event->getParam('dao') == 'mymodule~thedao') {
            $key = $event->getParam('key');

If you want to modify a property of the given record:

$event->getParam("record")->myPropriety = $Variable;


The file events.xml of your module declares your listeners:

<events xmlns="http://jelix.org/ns/events/1.0">
   <listener name="my">
       <event name="daoInsertAfter" />
       <event name="daoDeleteAfter" />

Customized method events

Customized update or delete methods (XML or PHP methods) can declare eventbefore and/or eventafter attributes and set them to true or false.

generated events will be: daoSpecificUpdateBefore, daoSpecificUpdateAfter, daoSpecificDeleteBefore and daoSpecificDeleteAfter. They will emitted with those parameters:

  • dao : dao selector
  • method: method name
  • params: parameters list