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The page corresponding to the latest stable release can be seen in the Jelix 1.6 Manual

The first thing before using Jelix is to create an application. You can create an application manually, but there is an easier way : using the createapp script.

In a console, change directory to lib/jelix-scripts, and run:

php createapp.php /path/where/you/want/your/myapp

myapp will be the name of your application.

createapp create a myapp/ directory with the given path. Its content is:

     install/      scripts to install your application on other server
     modules/      modules owned by your application
     responses/    contains a class implementing a default HTML response.
     plugins/      plugins owned by your application
     var/config/   configuration files of your application
     var/log/      optional log files
     var/themes/   different possible themes of your application
     var/overloads/ will contain different files you will choose to overload from those in your modules
     www/          root of the public files, readable directly by a browser 

You have also a new directory temp/myapp, where all cached files generated by Jelix will be stored.

Now, you have to configure the server and your application before running it.