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jApp is a class to specify (in application.init.php) and to retrieve different path of the application. Since Jelix 1.3, it replaces JELIX_APP_* constants.

Retrieve the application directory

The method appPath() returns the full path of the application. In old version, it was JELIX_APP_PATH.

$path = jApp::appPath();

Retrieve the temporary directory

To have the path to the temp directory, call the methode tempPath(). In old version, it was JELIX_APP_TEMP_PATH.

$path = jApp::tempPath();

Others methods

$path = jApp::varPath(); // equals to the old JELIX_APP_VAR_PATH
$path = jApp::logPath(); // equals to the old JELIX_APP_LOG_PATH
$path = jApp::configPath(); // equals to the old JELIX_APP_CONFIG_PATH
$path = jApp::wwwPath(); // equals to the old JELIX_APP_WWW_PATH