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You must install the 5.2 version of PHP at least (Jelix project supports gophp5 campaign). The dom, simplexml, pcre, session, tokenizer and spl extensions are required (they are generally turned on in a standard PHP 5.2 installation).

Note about DOM and XML: verify that the DOM extension is installed and the DOM-XML extension is not installed. Some distribution includes both (or only DOM-XML), and then there are some PHP errors within Jelix.

You can install a database connector too. For the moment, Jelix deals with mysql 4.1+, postgresql 8.0+, sqlite and PDO.

  • *To test the compatibility of your server** with Jelix, install the file lib/jelix_check_server.php provided into the jelix archive, on your web hosting (without jelix, the framework is not needed), and call this page with your browser (example : http://example.com/jelix_check_server.php). The page displays all missing PHP extensions, if the PHP version is ok etc.

Jelix provides scripts to use in the command line, createapp.php and cmd.php (in the application), which help you to develop a Jelix application. So you also should install the command line version of PHP (CLI, php.exe under windows).