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jAcl2.db is a "db" or database driver of jAcl2. Following instructions work also with jAcl2.dbcache which is provided since Jelix 1.6.8.

Rights are stored in a database. The driver implements generic concepts fo jAcl2 and add one feature: support of user groups. Then, the basic elements defining a right are:

  • a subject
  • a user group
  • a resource (optional)

Groups and users

Each user is in one or more groups. Remember with jAcl2.db, a rights apply only on one or more groups and not directly on a user.

Still, you can add a right to a specific user. it is enabled by the automatic existence of a "private" group dedicated to each user. Each user has its own private group in which he is alone...

There are three group types :

  • private groups. hidden in group lists
  • normal groups
  • default groups : those in which a new user is automatically added.

class utilities

Two class utilities come with jAcl2.db to manage groups, users and rights: jAcl2DbManager and jAcl2DbUserGroup.

Their use are similar theorically with jelix-scripts commands (described in Configure jAcl2.db), and you can also read the reference documentation.

Schema of relationnal data of jAcl2.db