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This is the default url engine since Jelix 1.1. This url engine is halfway between "simple" engine and "significant" . It allows to use a little cleaner URLS, but you cannot choose exactly the URL you wish. Every URL will look like pointentree.php/module/controller/method?param=1&....

So the URLS use the name of modules, controllers and methods to build the path, and the extra parameters are in the query part.

If you use standard entry points, you have nothing to configure. But if you add some of them, you must mention them in the simple_urlengine_entrypoints section to declare them, and tell which module and query type they are related to. For they configuration, see the documentation for Simple url engine. Just the same to configure urls with https.

You must also declare every entry point in the basic_significant_urlengine_entrypoints section of general configuration. For each of them, you must tell if you wish the entry point to appear (on) or not (off) in the generated urls for these entry points. If you do not document an entry point, its default value will be "off".

Obviously, entry points that do not appear in their related URLS must be configured with mod rewrite Apache rules as mentioned in the section of the documentation dedicated to significant url engines.

Since Jelix 1.6.16, you can indicate alternate name for module in urls. In the section basic_significant_urlengine_aliases of the configuration, you indicate these alternate name.


: alternate name = module name

The URL index.php/foo/mycontroller/hello, corresponds to the hello method of the controller mycontroller of the module bar (and not the module foo).