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The installation system has some parameters allowing to modify its behaviors.

These parameters may be changed only for some very specific case. It is not recommended to modify them.

Activate automatically all modules

If you want to enable all modules, you can set this option in the global section of the configuration: enableAllModules=on. *.enabled values in the modules section will be ignored.

  • *Warning**: only do this if you know what you do, you could activate some modules you don't know (especially in composer packages). Use it only on specific project.

Deactivate installation scripts

It is possible to deactivate some or all modules installers.

However, it means it is your responsability to do manually all tasks these scripts do. Updates will be also more difficult.

If you don't want to execute the installation script of a module, indicate it with the skipinstaller option and the value skip. In the section modules, here is an example with a "news" module:


It is possible to deactivate completely the installation system, and then modules will be implicitely installed. To deactivate, set this option in the global section of the configuration: disableInstallers=on. Then you don't have to execute app:install. Update the sources of modules, and update all things needed by the module, "by hand". That's all (but it is less easy).