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The page corresponding to the latest stable release can be seen in the Jelix 1.8 Manual

jForms is a form system which facilitate the creating of forms. Forms are described in an XML file, and an API with template-plugins allow you automatically:

  • to generate the HTML form,
  • to generate javascript validation script,
  • to validate input with verbose error-reporting,
  • to display labels in an accessible manner,
  • to display the form in a flexible manner,
  • managing several instances of a form at the same time - allowing to edit several records at the same time,
  • initializing a form from one or several DAO's data (with inputs, listbox, radios etc ...),
  • save data inputed in DAOs,
  • save uploaded files.

And, in the future :

  • support other types of forms (with ajax, XUL, XForms etc ...) using other template-plugins,
  • native captcha-fields support,
  • native WYSIWYG fields,
  • etc ...

jForms includes three distinct parts :

jForms generates an object (deriving from jFormsBase) from the XML description, allowing to initialize the form's contents, and to save it etc ...

The object contains all the input in it's properties.

The jForms object is also used by template-plugins to display the appropriate HTML elements.