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jAcl.db is the driver "db" for jAcl and use a database to store the rights. It implements the general concepts of jAcl, plus management of user groups. So the elements involved in the system in jAcl.db are:

  • a subject
  • a value
  • a group of users
  • an optional resource

Groups and users

Each user belongs to one or more groups. A right is always attached to one or more groups and not to a specific user.

It is possible to assign rights to a single user, but there is a "private" group for each user, and rights for a specific user are attached to his private group (to facilitate treatment). And in a private group, there is only one user.

So there are three kind of groups:

  • private groups. We don't see them in the list of groups
  • normal groups
  • default normal groups: those in which new users are automatically included.

Utility classes

There are two classes for jAcl.db, to manage groups, users and rights: jAclDbManager and jAclDbUserGroup.

The use of these classes is similar to the commands in jelix-scripts to manage right (see next chapters..). So, just read API reference.