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In addition to RSS feeds, Jelix allows to generate an Atom 1.0 feed with jResponseAtom10 (alias : 'atom1.0'); which handles most of the Atom 1.0 RFC.

  $rep = $this->getResponse('atom1.0');

jResponseAtom10 and jResponseRss20 have a similar signature.

ATOM Feed Informations

jResponseAtom10's property 'infos' is an object allowing to set the ATOM feed's properties : title, website url, copyright, description, etc, etc ...

For example :

   $rep->infos->title = 'Jelix news';
   $rep->infos->webSiteUrl= 'http://jelix.org/en/';
   $rep->infos->copyright = 'Copyright 2006-2007 jelix.org';
   $rep->infos->description = 'News about Jelix, fresh meat for hairy trolls.';
   $rep->infos->updated = '2007-06-08 12:00:00';

The updated property is the date of the update of the atom feed. It is determined by the date of the last item inserted into the feed.

The seflink property is the url of this atom feed.

Property description should be a string; however it's possible to specify the format (HTML or XHTML) in property descriptionType. Property descriptionType expects any of the following values : "html", "xhtml" ou "text".


The ATOM channel should be fed with items to publish. For example, items can have the description of each new tickets of a blog.

Each item should be created with jResponseAtom10's method : createItem(). It allows to fetch an object with item's informations. You can fill this object and add it the the response with jResponseAtom10's method : addItem().

For example, with a news DAO :

  $newsdao = jDao::get('news');
  $first = true;

  Fetch the ten last news from the DAO,
  assuming it's ordered from the newest to the oldest.
  (method defined in the DAO)
  $list = $newsdao->findTenFirstNews();

  foreach($list as $news){

        The first record allow to fetch channel's date
        $rep->infos->updated = $news->date_create;

    // Fetch the URL from the news article
    $url = jUrl::get('news~default:article', array('newsid'=>$news->id));

    // Create an ATOM item, specifying the title, url, and date (format : [yyyy-mm-jj hh-mm-ss] )
    $item = $rep->createItem($news->title, $url, $news->date_create);

    // News author
    $item->authorName = $news->author;

    $item->summary = $news->summary;

    // Item's contents
    $item->content = $news->content;
    $item->contentType ='html';

    // Add this item to the feed.

Other informations

It's possible to explicitely specify more informations about the RSS food or about each item.

Check the API documentation about jAtom10Info and jAtom10Item to go deeper.