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Jelix offers a specific response jResponseLatexToPdf. It aims to convert a latex document to PDF and send the result. Its alias is "ltx2pdf".

 $rep = $this->getResponse("ltx2pdf");
  • *Note : jResponseLatexToPdf requires pdflatex program presence on the server!**

If this program can not be found through a system environment variable (PATH under linux or Windows), you should assign its full path to $pdflatexPath.

 $rep->pdflatexPath = '/usr/bin/pdflatex';

jResponseLatexToPdf takes care of the latex header defining title and authors of the document. the latex content should be made available through a template. You should tell jResponseLatexToPdf which template to use by assigning $bodyTpl property with an appropriated selector. You can pass variable to your template through $body property.

More specifically, the addCommand method can generate some latex commands at the beginning of the document.

Example :

   $rep = $this->getResponse("ltx2pdf");

   $rep->title = 'document title';
   $rep->authors[] = 'Michel Dupont';
   $rep->bodyTpl = 'myModule~doclatex';

   $rep->addCommand('documentclass', 'article', array('a4', '14pt'));
   $this->addCommand('geometry', 'hmargin=1cm, vmargin=2cm');

   $rep->body->assign('texte', $unTexte);

   return $rep;