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The page corresponding to the latest stable release can be seen in the Jelix 1.8 Manual

Main improvements provided by the version 1.3 are:

  • only one application.init.php and only one temp directory is needed now, for the www, cli and jelix scripts.
  • a new cmd.php script, to replace lib/jelix-scripts/jelix.php, which is at the root of your application, to launch jelix-scripts commands for your application.
  • jLog and jResponseHtml have now plugins
  • new error managements. jLog is used to store errors, and errors are not displayed any more in responses.
  • new error page (http code: 500), displayed when an error occured. you can redefine it to have the design you want.
  • all connection profiles (for jDb, jKVDb, jCache etc) are now stored in a single file profiles.ini.php.
  • a new nice debug bar, extensible, showing many informations (errors, sql queries...)
  • JELIX_APP_* constants are now replaced by a new jApp class
  • improvements in jAcl2: subjects groups, rights can be forbidden by a group.

Improvement provided by 1.2.10/1.3.4/1.4.1: