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The page corresponding to the latest stable release can be seen in the Jelix 1.8 Manual

Main improvements provided by the version 1.4 are:

  • New jApp::config() method, to retrieve the configuration and new method jApp::loadConfig() to load the configuration. $gJConfig is deprecated. (see jApp).
  • New jApp::coord() method, to retrieve the coordinator and new jApp::setCoord() to set the coordinator into the Jelix environment. $gJCoord is deprecated. (see jApp).
  • New autoload system. Classes to autoload can be indicated into module.xml file of your modules. the autoload system support the PSR0 specification
  • Virtual templates: jTpl can now use templates that are not in files.
  • The "simple" URLs engine is now deprecated. It will be removed in futur versions.
  • Support of automatic language parameter in URLS
  • Improved support of locale and lang code. Jelix does not support any more, by default, locales that are not a real code (en_EN for example). Except if you force to use them, for compatibility.
  • en_US becomes the default locale of Jelix. en_EN is now deprecated, since it is not a valid language code
  • New API to support HTTP cache, on response object: cleanCacheHeaders(), setExpires(), setLifetime(), isValidCache().
  • New classes to read Atom and RSS feeds
  • New class, jPref, to set and get dynamic/functionnal configuration options. An interface is available to allow a webmaster to manage these preferences.
  • Modules can provide their own response object and indicate them directly into the configuration
  • Modules can provide their own CSS and JS file without copying them into the www directory
  • The plugins directories of modules are now automatically registered
  • Jelix-scripts now searches a .jelix-scripts.ini in the current directory and its parent directories, before searching in the home directory
  • New jDb driver "mysqli" using the mysqli API
  • jDb: experimental driver for sqlite3
  • jDb: removed Intuition plugin. not maintened anymore.

Improvement provided by 1.2.10/1.3.4/1.4.1:

Change provided by 1.4.1:

  • in jacl2_rights table, null values for id_aclres have been changed to "-", in order to have consistant primary keys with some RDBMS