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The page corresponding to the latest stable release can be seen in the Jelix 1.8 Manual

Main improvements provided by the version 1.5 are:

  • PHP 5.3 and higher is required. No more support for PHP 5.2.
  • jResponseHtml now generates an HTML5 header. A new class jResponseHtml4 have the same behavior of the previous jResponseHtml version
  • jForms:
  • jDao:
    • a DAO xml file can import the definition of an other DAO file
    • you can provide your own record class that will be used as a base class for generated record dao class. New “extends” attribute on the “record” element that indicates the class to use
    • properties can have comments
  • new hashing system in jAuth, to have a better secured password storage. (backported into Jelix 1.2.10/1.3.4/1.4.1).
  • jDb: the sqlite3 driver is now stable and no more experimental
  • jKVDb: new plugin for the dba API
  • [locales#property-files|new directory layout for jLocale], to provide easily the support for a new language (Jelix 1.5.1).
  • new modules:
    • jsoap: All about Soap has been moved into a new module jSoap. It contains also all classes from the jWSDL module which is deleted. Soap entry points should be changed.
    • jtcpdf: The TCPDF library, its fonts and the response object jResponseTcpdf have been included in a new module, available in a separated archive.
    • jacl2: All resources of jAcl2 (classes, properties file...) have been moved to a new module jacl2
    • jpref: all jPref classes have been moved to a new module jpref

And Also:

  • Added a HEADTOP variable for error template, and added the possibility to add content at the top of the html header, in the html response
  • It is now possible to declare the class map for jSoapClient, into an other file than profiles.ini.php.
  • jEvent: possibility to disable listener of some modules
  • Debugbar:
    • new configuration option, defaultPosition, allowing to set the debug bar at the left of the web page by default
    • display the sum of SQL queries times at the top of the SQL infos in the debugbar (Brice Tencé)
    • its configuration is easier. Loggers are automatically configured when the debugbar is enabled
  • jAcl2Db: new method getResByRightByGroup() in the dao jacl2rights
  • jZone: meta tpl plugins were not executed in a zone that cached content (bug #1197)
  • jConfigCompiler is now extensible with plugins, so components can precalculate config parameters that will be stored in the configuration cache
  • jelix-scripts
    • createdao: import fields comments from the database (Yves Tan)
    • createform: can use dao comments to generate form's labels (Yves Tan)
  • jLocale: adds the possibility to have dash in a property name
  • The FakeServerConf lib for tests has been added
  • Moved locales of jacl2db from the jelix module to the jacl2db module
  • Moved locales of jacldb from the jelix module to the jacldb module

Removed components:

  • The XUL support has been moved to an independant module, in the jelix-contrib repository
  • The RDF support has been moved to an independant module, in the jelix-contrib repository
  • The "latex to PDF" support has been moved to an independant module, in the jelix-contrib repository
  • The jWSDL module has been renamed to jsoap
  • The magicquotes plugin has been removed, since it is useless with PHP 5.3
  • Removed deprecated methods:
    • jAcl2Db::getProfile()
    • jAclDb::getProfile() et jAclDb::getProfil()
    • jControllerDaoCrud::_checkDatas()
    • jCoordinator::initDefaultResponseOfRequest(), jCoordinator::isModuleEnabled, jCoordinator::getModulePath
    • jDb::getTools(), jDb::getProfile(), jDb::createVirtualProfile(), jDb::clearProfiles()
    • jDbConnection::encloseFieldName()
    • jFormsBase::resetModifiedControlsList()
    • jKvDb::getProfile()
    • jZone::getParam()
  • Removed the support of deprecated variables $gJCoord and $gJConfig, and removed jApp::initLegacy().
  • jContext class has been replaced by methods into jApp.

Main contributors of Jelix 1.5: Claudio Bernardes (jForms), Olivier Demah (Bug fix), Guillaume Dugas (jDao), Vincent Morel (jAcl2Db), Yves Tan (jelix-scripts, jDao), Brice Tencé (debugbar and bug fix on jZone), Philippe Villiers (jQuery upgrade).