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Main improvements provided by the version 1.6 are:

  • defaultconfig.ini.php is renamed to mainconfig.ini.php. defaultconfig.ini.php is still supported but is now deprecated. (Olivier Demah)
  • a new localconfig.ini.php to store configuration specific to an environment (dev, prod...)
  • New jApp::mainConfigFile() method to retrieve the path of the main configuration file
  • Plugins for templates provided by your application are now the priority over those provided by the framework. So you can "override" existing template plugins now.
  • jDb/jDao:
    • Full support of OCI in the oci driver for jDb (Philippe Villiers)
    • jDbTools for Oracle: use comment on columns to get form labels (Philippe Villiers)
    • jDao: Add pattern in jDaoConditions, like in the (select|insert|update)pattern attributes (Philippe Villiers).
    • new method jDbConnection::disconnect()
  • New methods addJSLinkModule() or addCSSLinkModule on the html response object, to add easily links to JS and CSS files stored in modules. (Eric D.)
  • jForms:
    • better display of data of a form (with ctrl_value or formdatafull plugins)
      • labels are displayed like in the edition mode
      • ctrl_label doesn't display anymore "required" indicator
      • display of choice and group widgets is better
      • added a boolean in parameters of \jelix\forms\Builder\BuilderBase::outputControlLabel()
      • added a boolean in parameters of \jelix\forms\HtmlWidget\WidgetInterface::outputLabel()
      • the formdatafull template plugin accepts now a builder type and some builder options
    • possibility to have a specific label when the value of a control is empty (emptyvaluelabel)
    • new attributes minvalue and maxvalue on <input> of type "integer" or "decimal"
    • The plugin formdata accepts now a builder type and some builder options
    • It is possible to indicates label for each possible value of a checkbox ex: <oncheckvalue label="yes" /> and <onuncheckvalue label="no" />
    • plugin ctrl_label : we can indicate a string format as second parameter for sprintf
  • jEvent objects have now setters/getters: it is possible to do $event->something instead of $event->getParam('something').
  • jDateTime::toString() accepts now a formated string as parameter, compatible with mktime().
  • new property jResponseJSON::$options which contains options for json_encode (Couac)
  • New class jSoapObject
  • Internal: new method jFile::parseJelixPath() to translate shortcut jelix path to real path (Brice)
  • Significant urls: we can have a character ":" in your custom url.
  • TCPDF update
  • jQuery update

Note also that there isn't anymore Gold edition of the framework (with the binary PHP extension).

Improvements provided by 1.6.1 and 1.6.2:

  • Support of busytimeout and sqlite extensions in the sqlite3 jDb plugin
  • jForms: choice items (li elements) have now an id and a class (jforms-selected and jforms-notselected)
  • jForms: group control can now have a checkbox
  • Use the latest PHPUnit version from Composer.
  • For contributors: a vagrant configuration is provided in the source code repository to allow to launch tests without configuration on the developer's machine.

Improvements provided by 1.6.6:

  • jForms: support of "class" data sources for dynamic changes into menulist and listbox (criteriafrom attribute)
  • jDb: Allow to use a PostgreSQL service for connection instead of host/login/password

Improvements provided by 1.6.7:

  • jLog: syslog plugin has been modified to use the syslog function. Previous behavior is available in a new plugin legacysyslog
  • jCache: new plugin for Redis
  • Because the mcrypt PHP extension is deprecated, the jCrypt class is now deprecated and will be removed in future release (1.7+). You should use instead openssl functions or the lib https://github.com/defuse/php-encryption for example.
  • The legacy builder of jForms (jFormsBuilderHtml) is now deprecated too. It will disappear in the next release (1.7).

Improvements provided by 1.6.8

  • jAcl2: new driver dbcache. It is like the db driver, but it also stores results in a cache via jCache to improve performance.
  • jCache: allows char '/.-:' in keys. Modify cache file storage.
  • For file driver of jCache, the tree structure of cache files has changed to have smaller path. file_name_prefix is now used as directory name, not prefix filename.
  • Redis plugin for jCache: support key prefixes with the new key_prefix option
  • Redis plugin for jCache: support db indexes with the new db option
  • Redis jKvDb driver: support of db index and key prefixes options
  • new method jInstallerEntryPoint::getEpConfigIni()

Improvements provided by 1.6.9 :

  • jForms, HtmlBuilder: possibility to redefine the display of errors with the ouputError() method, in child classes.
  • Possibility to declare the path of a single module (outside from a modules group), with the <module>.path parameter of the section modules.

Improvements provided by 1.6.11 :

  • jAuth: support of an action for errors in Ajax requests, with the on_ajax_error_action parameters (see default configuration of the "jauth" plugin).
  • jDb, mysqli : support of SSL connections.

Improvements provided by 1.6.14 :

  • Plugins "redis" for jCache and jKvdb have been renamed "redis_php"
  • new Redis plugins, named “redis_ext”, for jCache and jKvDb, using the API of the Redis extension.
  • New experimental jDb driver, sqlsrv, for SQLServer, using the sqlsrv PHP API.
  • jForms: the captcha control is now configurable, so you can implement your own Captcha. See the Captcha page.
  • New catcha plugin: Recaptcha

Main contributors of Jelix 1.6: Olivier Demah, Philippe Villiers, Eric D., JulienI, Couac, Brice Tence, Khena, René-luc D'hont.