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jResponseZip can generate zip file and send it for download to the client. its alias is "zip":

$rep = $this->getResponse('zip');

You can now indicate $zipFilename property. it will be the zip name proposed to the user for download. Note that it may not be an existing file on the server hard disk.

$rep->zipFilename = 'myCrazyPackage.zip';

Then, you have to create the zip. $content property is a jZipCreator creator. All its methods can be used to add content to the zip result. See reference documentation of jZipCreator.

// add  data/truc.txt (stored on the server) content to zip, 
// and alias it with machin.txt name. 
$rep->content->addFile(JELIX_VAR_PATH.'data/truc.txt', 'machin.txt');

// add whole "examples" directory content to zip
$rep->content->addDir(JELIX_VAR_PATH.'examples/', 'examples', true);

// create a file into zip, given a name and some content
$rep->addContentFile('dynamic.txt', 'generated content as we like');

And you're done :-)

The user will see a dialog asking him to save or open myCrazyPackage.zip, containing a machin.txt file, an examples/ directory, and a dynamic.txt file.