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Plugins for jDao help the compiler of jDao to generate PHP classes that represents the content of xml files. A plugin is specific to a database type. jDao generate SQL queries in methods of these classes. These queries can be different between databases type, so these plugins can generates them.

Note: before Jelix 1.7, this plugins were only a class into plugins for jDb.

Creating a plugin

A plugin for jDao is a class inheriting from jDaoGenerator.

Files and naming

The name of the plugin is the name of the database type. So a plugin is specific to a SQL language.

The plugin should be inside the directory daobuilder/ of a plugin repository. The file name has this scheme: daobuilder/<type>/<type>.daobuilder.php. And the class should be named as <type>DaoBuilder. Where <type> is the type name.

The class should inherits from jDaoGenerator and so it should redefines these methods if needed:

  • genSelectPattern()
  • _encloseName()
  • genUpdateAutoIncrementPK()
  • $propertiesListForInsert
  • $trueValue, $falseValue
  • _getAutoIncrementPKField()

See the API reference of jDaoGenerator.